The letter from August 2nd

Hi. I'm writing to you on December 31st from August 2nd according to our old tradition. This time I'm doing that in English. What's new with you? How is it going. I know that you are already in new decade of your life. This time not just the year changes but the whole decade does. I'm still in my 20s on August 2nd, but you are already in your 30s on December 31st. How did you celebrate your 30th anniversary? Did you like October fest in Germany?
Did you like Anna's wedding on September 21st?
Today August 2nd is the second day of 4-month EE listening and reading challenges. Did you like it, did you enjoy it? Did it help you to improve your English level even more. Now I realize I should listen to different English speakers, because some of them I understand very well and some of them I don't. I need to listen to those who I understand in general but I might not hear some words, so I should train my ears to hear them. AJ's challenge and movie club are great motivators for me I guess. I hope your English is significantly better then mine on August 2nd.
I know now you are about to take the last exam session at Pushgeni,then you will just do the scientific work. I hope you like it. And you might have made a solution about staying at Imash or to going to PRAO. Now I realize that if you want to try a new thing you should not do this with studying at college, instead you should go with working, it's better. I know that taking tests and exams is bullshit. While studying for a master degree you should mostly focus on your research, and do the required minimum for subjects.
I wish you Happy New Year 2020, yes this time we go to another decade of the 21st century, to 2020s. I wish you to have a great success in your life, I guess AJ has already realised his business course and you enjoy it. I wish you have a great family, redpilled and virtuous wife, kids and you have a lot of free time for them, for homeschooling them instead of giving them to those fucking public schools.

из 2019-08-02 в 2019-12-31

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